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Did You Drink Water Today?


"Did You Drink Water Today?" is more than just a water brand - it's a friendly reminder to stay hydrated and healthy throughout your day. With the playful logo featuring mischievous faces made up of the letters D, D, and W, the brand brings a fun and approachable vibe to the table. I believe that drinking enough water doesn't have to be a chore, and with refreshing water can, staying hydrated has never been easier. Explore the "Did You Drink Water Today?" movement and make hydration a priority in your life!


Adobe Photoshop   Adobe Illustrator   Adobe After Effects

Duration: 5 Weeks

Drinking water helps us to maximize physical health significantly in our lives. It delivers oxygen throughout the body, maintains body temperature, and flushes body waste. However, you lose water through your breath, perspiration, and movements everyday, so drinking water regularly and being hydrated are very important.
It is a water brand to remind people to stay hydrated throughout the day.
The brand name is designed to be approachable and impactful in engaging with customers.
Brand Idea
Did You Drink Water Today?
The brand's product comes in a can design. Recognizing that many individuals opt for sodas, coffee, and various drinks over water, I aimed to challenge the conventional water bottle design and offer a fresh and innovative look and feel for water.
Created a playful logo featuring the initials 'D,' 'D,' and 'W,' embodying the brand's mischievous and friendly persona, serving as the central logo and key facial expression for the brand.
Friendly.   Joke.   Impactful.
Brand Personalities
Main Logo
Logo Variation
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