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More detailed wireframes and prototype are upon request**
Wireframe Prototype


CHIYOU is a captivating meditation app, combining branding and UI/UX design to guide users towards profound mental well-being. CHIYOU helps reduce anxiety, manage stress, improve sleep patterns, and cultivate emotional awareness. Derived from the Korean word 치유[chiyu], meaning meditation, CHIYOU represents "Cure, Heal, Improve You" capturing the transformative power of meditation. CHIYOU also offers a jet lag planner, enabling travelers to optimize sleep schedules and harmonize circadian rhythms for a seamless travel experience.


Figma   C4D   Adobe Photoshop   Adobe Illustrator   Adobe After Effects

Duration: 5 Weeks

People are busy with their life and work in these days. Whether they’re happy with their life or not, they still need to know how to manage their stresses, and to be relaxed.
치유 means meditation in Korean and pronounces as [chiyu].
Since this app guides users how to meditate their inner state of mind and emotions, C stands for Cure, H for Heal, and I for Improve.
Brand Idea
CHI (치)  +  YOU (유)
An app guides to enhance users’ mental well-being. This can help people how to reduce their anxiety and stress, to improve their sleep patterns, and to be more aware of their emotions. Plus, you can find a section that offers a planner to help prevent jet lag, which you can use before you travel.
Stress can become overwhelming and usually difficult to control. There is no way to avoid stress, but you can learn to manage it. We benefit individuals looking to gain the skills and knowledge to deal with daily stress or anxiety.
Reliable.   Calm.   Balanced.
Brand Personalities
Persona Boards
Concept:   Bubbles
  • Form of visual meditation: helps relieve stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and calming the mind.
  • Movement of the bubbles can be hypnotic and soothing: helps slow down your breathing and heart rate, further promoting relaxation.
  • Design system:
    • Bubbles affecting texts
    • Floating-like feelings (light-weighted)
  • App system:
    • Icons/buttons are floating like bubbles.
    • Different kinds of bubbles (color, scale, texture, etc.) as a background.
Design System
  • Meditation:
    Meditation can provide a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health. It is valuable and essential practice for people of all ages and lifestyles.
  • Jet lag:
    Jet lag can have a significant impact on our body's natural circadian rhythm, which can lead to disrupted sleep patterns, fatigue, and increased stress levels.
Apple Watch Features
​With Apple Watch...
  •  You can get access to quick meditation sections
  • Check in with your mood
  • Get cheerful words
  • Catch-up notifications
  • Informatic notifications
Jet lag
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